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Understanding Infertility Signs in Women

How will you know that you are infertile?

This is a common question a lot of women are asking to know the different infertility signs in women.

It is quite depressing to know that 15 to 20 percent of American women are facing infertility problems. This estimated rate is expected to increase as more women are unaware that they are infertile.

When we walk about infertility, it basically means the inability to get pregnant or carry an unborn child until its birth. Infertility signs start to manifest as you age. When you are in your 20s, you are at the peak of your reproductive years. However, when you reach the age of 30 your fertility starts to decline rapidly every year after that.

Aside from age, there are several other infertility signs that women should be aware about.

An early infertility sign in women that can easily be noticed is when you and your partner have been having unprotected sex for months and no conception has occurred. Also, when you are experiencing irregular menstrual period or no menstrual period at all, that could also be one of the infertility signs in women. Your menstrual cycle is an indication that your body has prepared itself for a possible pregnancy.

There are women who have experienced a miscarriage. Normally, this is not a serious indication of infertility, but when it happens more than once or twice, then it could very well be among the infertility signs in women. If you are unable to carry a full-term pregnancy, there could be something wrong with your reproductive health and you need to have it checked before it gets any worse or becomes untreatable.

Stress is also one of the common infertility signs in women. When your body is subjected to daily physical and emotional stress, it can hinder you from getting pregnant because the level of hormones responsible to stimulate ovulation becomes imbalanced.

If you have unhealthy carvings for fast foods and other non-healthy foods, that could also be one of the infertility signs in women. These kinds of food in general are bad for your health and it doesn’t help your reproductive system achieve its full fertility potential. To correct this problem, start by practicing a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables with vitamins that are essential to boost fertility.

Recognizing and understanding the different infertility signs in women are important to help you know your own condition. If you manifest any of these signs, get yourself checked by a qualified physician. It is better to determine the causes earlier so that they are easier to treat. Infertility does not need to be a lifelong problem. A lot of women who dealt with infertility in the past were treated. Always think positive and make sure that you get the best treatment around.